Music has been an essential ingredient in Mike Novak's life for over ten years. In high school and college he performed with various musicians, acted in plays and musicals, and hosted open mics. He released his first self-produced album Novakaine while attending graduate school at the University of New Hampshire. During this time period he performed regularly at venues throughout the seacoast region and also hosted a weekly radio program on WUNH 91.3 FM . The show was called Live and Local and each week Mike arranged for a musical guest to perform live in the production studio at the station. The show quickly became a fixture in the budding music scene that was surrounding the region and brought exposure to many undiscovered artists.

After releasing his second album Novakium , he followed it up with a musical journey that started in Portsmouth, NH and ended in Seattle, WA. Mike performed at professional venues as a solo acoustic artist and a recording of the final show of the tour at the Park Pub in Seattle, WA was officially released in Dec 2008. In addition, Mike designed a solar powered amplification system that allowed him to play on crowded streets or even on tops of mountains. It allowed his music to reach many more people while also raising awareness about alternative forms of energy.

Mike relocated to Washington DC in the spring of 2009 for a job doing Oceanographic research at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. He is finding his way into the already established and thriving music scene and will be performing regularly throughout the DC metropolitan area. Mike's music has been described as rock and blues with a twist of reggae and folk and you can hear the influence from his scientific background in the songs Making Waves and Algae Are You Friends . Mike's performances are well rounded and laced with harmonica jams and looping effects that never leave the audience instrument starved. For more information or of you would like to schedule an interview log on to or email us at .