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12/13/2012 Joe Squared 9:30PM Baltimore, MD

11/16/2012 Penn Social 7:30PM Washington, DC

10/25/2012 Fireflies 8:00PM Alexandria, VA

10/21/2012 Solly's Tavern 9:00PM Washington, DC

09/29/2012 Zirzamin 10:00PM NYC, NY

09/21/2012 the Blue Banana 10:00PM Washington, DC

07/11/2012 The Wonderland Ballroom 9:00PM Columbia Heights NE DC

06/22/2012 William Jeffrey's Tavern 9:30PM Arlington, VA

06/15/2012 Artomatic 9:00PM Arlington, VA

05/30/2012 Joe Squared 8:00PM Baltimore, MD

04/20/2012 Fireflies Del Ray 8:00PM Alexandria, VA

04/07/2012 Bardot Heights in West Village 9:00PM New York, NY

02/19/2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting 7:00PM Salt Lake City, UT

02/16/2012 The Dogwood Tavern 9:00PM Falls Church, Va

01/28/2012 Axum 8:00PM Washington, DC

12/11/2011 Stan and Joe's Saloon 9:00PM Annapolis, Md

12/10/2011 Freddy's Back Room 8:00PM Brooklyn, NY

10/15/2011 Axum 9:00PM Washington, DC

09/24/2011 Parkside Lounge 8:00PM Greenwich Village NYC

09/09/2011 Borjo Coffeehouse 7:00PM Norfolk, Va

08/25/2011 Fireflies Del Ray 8:00PM Alexandria, VA

08/13/2011 Common Grounds: A Fair Trade Coffee House 7:00PM Salisbury, MD

07/23/2011 Fireflies Del Ray 9:00PM Alexandria, VA

10/28/2010 The Tonic Lounge 8:00PM Foggy Bottom, DC DC Jam Session Series
06/29/2011 The Wonderland Ballroom 8:30PM Washington, DC


05/16/2010 The Flying Fish: Speakeasy Room 10:00PM Alexandria, VA
05/06/2010 Michael's Pub 6:00PM Columbia, MD Happy Hour Jam!!!
04/03/2010 169 Bar 8:00PM NewYork, NY 169barNYC
03/14/2010 The Flying Fish: Speakeasy Room 9:00PM Alexandria, VA
03/03/2010 St. Elmo's Coffee Pub 8:00PM Alexandria, VA
02/27/2010 The Blue Mermaid 9:00PM Portsmouth, NH
01/10/2010 The Flying Fish: Speakeasy Room 9:00PM Alexandria, VA
12/09/2009 Asylum 9:00PM Adams Morgan, DC Novatones
10/27/2009 Pitney Tavern 9:00PM Pomona, NJ Harvestfest
10/15/2009 The Dogwood Tavern 9:00PM Falls Church, VA
09/15/2009 New Deal Cafe 7:00PM Greenbelt, MD
07/22/2009 Bankok Blues 10:00PM Falls Church,VA

Songwriters Showcase

07/11/2009 Timulty's Pub 10:00PM New Brunswick, NJ Special Guests!
06/11/2009 Judge's Bench 9:00PM Ellicott City, MD

Great Beer selection

03/17/2009 The Parish 9:00PM Santa Cruz, CA

Local Watering Hole

02/13/2009 Brainwash Cafe 8:00PM San Francisco,CA with Ian Franklin
12/27/2008 Timulty's Pub 9:00PM New Brunswick, NJ Hometown Jam
12/13/2008 Park City Pub 9:00PM Seattle,WA local pub ambiance
12/11/2008 Java Flow 7:00 PM Olympia. WA Food drive
12/06/2008 The Fox and the Firkin 7:00PM Corvallis,OR Dinner set
10/28/2008 The Last Day Saloon 7:00PM Santa Rosa, CA 3 sets of music
10/25/2008 The Brainwash Cafe 8:00PM San Francisco, CA With the Ian Franklin Band
10/1/2008 Maob Brewery 7:30PM Moab,UT Desert ho-down
9/20/2008 Daz Bog Coffee 6:00 PM

Loveland, CO

Colorado Jam Session
9/12/2008 Tumultys 9:00 PM

New Brunswick, NJ

Last East Coast Tour Date
8/29/2008 Ballard's 6:00 PM

Durham, NH

Labor Day Weekend
8/27/2008 The Press Room 9:00PM Portsmouth, NH Novakium CD release Party The Tour officially begins
8/22/2008 The Page 9:00 PM Portsmouth, NH Opening for the Han Solos


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